Any fan or follower of Evolution social media will be able to participate.

The Evolution bag (provided by Evolution with every order) must appear in the photo.

Any picture posted for the EvoCrew Challenge must be linked with the hashtag as follows #evochallenge2015.

All the participant photos will be posted on our Facebook page (www.facebook/evolutionagents.com) and will be added on the album #EVOCHALLENGE2015 by us. The photo promotion, which consist of collect “likes” under the participant’s responsibility, should be performed from the album #EVOCHALLENGE2015.

EvoCrew Challenge opens on 20th May and last entry date is 31st August.

5 finalists will be chosen and the ultimate winner will be the most liked photo of the 5 finalists on Facebook, by the Evolution fans (closing date the 21st September).

All photos should be freestyle – the funniest, most creative and most original will be considered for the ultimate prize.

The judges for the final 5 will be the Evolution team. Creativity, message, composition and use of our EvoProduct will all be considered.

Every single photo will be labelled with a number according to the order of reception. It will be considered valid as long as the participant is an Evolution Facebook fan.

All the pictures will be published on Facebook as well as the Evolution website www.evolutionagents.com.

The first prize will be an Apple Watch Sport edition.

The winner will be announced during the Monaco Yacht Show 2015 (23th - 26th September).

Evolution reserves the right to use the photos submitted as part of this Challenge for promotional use for any of its services, products or marketing campaigns.

All submissions should respect the ethics of publications on social media sites and be respectful to all genders, races, ages.  Any submission deemed inappropriate by the Evolution team will be eliminated from the challenge and removed from our web pages.

Group entries also accepted, although only 1 Apple Watch Sport will be presented for the winning photo.